Top Honeymoon Destinations Around the World | John Gavin | Laguna Beach, CA

Traveling is an excellent way for couples to discover new hobbies and get out of their comfort zone. Exposure to challenges and new experiences can help push someone’s limits and open their mind to life’s endless opportunities.

Moreover, traveling with a partner for a honeymoon is one way to learn more about one another and create lifetime memories. It’s how lovers can strengthen and deepen their relationship away from work and other distractions. Besides, traveling is a great way to boost happiness and confidence. Below are unique destinations for anyone looking to expand their horizons and shake things up with their partner.


With so many destinations in the world, deciding where to travel for a honeymoon can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily, Australia is a diversified destination that allows a person to experience the joy of being at the beach and the fun of the desert.

What’s a honeymoon without good food and wine? Australia’s number-one wine Shiraz will leave them wanting more — even for the fussiest wine enthusiasts. The mountains and rainforests in Australia offer an excellent site to enjoy the wonders of nature. Moreover, for individuals looking to learn a new skill such as surfing, Australia offers them a place to meet pros and learn from the best.

Bali, Indonesia

Tourists from all over the world visit Bali to enjoy nature and culture. Most individuals who visit the location refer to it as peaceful and beautiful. The clear sea and the beautiful sandy beaches make the place perfect for a romantic breakfast or dinner. Whether it’s during the dry or wet season, partners can still have a good time. Although most people think that traveling to Bali is expensive, it doesn’t have to be.

Traveling to Bali between January and March offers better tour and hotel packages/ deals for individuals with low finances. The dry season is perfect for couples who want to explore nature while hiking. If a person is not an outdoors person, they can still enjoy yoga, a Balinese cooking class, or visit the breathtaking temples.

The above destinations offer plenty of experiences/activities for partners looking to enjoy their honeymoon. Remember to take pictures as a reminder of this special day.

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John Gavin hails from Laguna Beach, California. He is an entrepreneur, travel, and real estate leader with a particular talent for the art of sales and negotiating methods. He is a natural at navigating complex landscapes within the hardware sales industry and looks forward to sharing his experiences with others.




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